Clearing The Air

Find out how electric vehicles and cleaner trucks can reduce pollution, improve health and save lives in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

Policy Brief: A New Canadian Climate Accountability Act

About The Report: This policy brief proposes a framework for a new Canadian Climate Accountability Act that would enshrine Canada’s ambitious commitment to net-zero…Read More

Still Digging: G20 Governments Continue to Finance the Climate Crisis

About The Report: Since the Paris Agreement was made, G20 countries have acted directly counter to it by providing at least USD 77 billion…Read More

Natural Infrastructure is an Integral Part of Green Recovery

About The Submission: Natural infrastructure projects create good jobs, support local supply chains, and provide a variety of environmental, social, and health benefits.  …Read More

Who Benefits?

About The Report: Most (70%) oil sands production is owned by foreign companies and shareholders, who enjoy the majority of record profits, especially when…Read More

Support for Ontario's Conservation Authorities

About The Submission: We, the 112 undersigned organizations, call on the Government of Ontario to retain the current mandate of the province’s 36 Conservation…Read More

Banning non-essential, single-use plastics and moving toward zero plastic waste and plastic pollution prevention

About The Submission: The undersigned organizations are writing to provide our recommendations on the scope of the regulatory ban on harmful single-use plastics and…Read More

Open Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau on Prioritizing Families over the Fossil Fuel Industry

About The Open Letter: COVID-19 is presenting real and immediate risks to people’s health and livelihoods. It is appropriate and necessary for the federal…Read More

No Time To Waste

About The Report: The world is facing a plastic pollution crisis. Plastic pollution has been found practically everywhere scientists look— in the high arctic…Read More

Canada's Federal Fossil Fuel Subsidies in 2020

About The Report: Despite a long-standing commitment to phase out fossil fuel subsidies, in 2019, federal subsides to the oil and gas sector reached…Read More