Sep 03, 2020 / Livable Communities

Good news for a change for endangered species and sensitive ecosystems

2020 will be one for the books. Watching a nightly newscast is like watching a movie trailer about a dystopian future, though it’s actually…Read More

Jun 24, 2020 / Movement Building

How we build a green and just recovery for Canada

As we chart our post-COVID future the Canadian government will have to help the economy recover from the fallout caused by the COVID-19 pandemic….Read More

May 20, 2020 / Livable Communities

Don’t let sprawl developers pave over the Carruthers Creek headwaters

Developers want to pave over a sensitive ecological area and prime farmland in Durham Region. We need to stop it.  The area in question…Read More

Feb 27, 2020 / Climate Change

The Ontario government’s post-truth war on climate change

Since gaining office a year and a half ago, the Ontario government has taken a post-truth approach to climate change: they say what they…Read More

Oct 23, 2019 / Climate Change

Climate Action and the Environment won – that’s the big take away from the 2019 Federal Election

In the 2019 Federal Election, Canadians were divided on which party to vote for, and no party was able to secure a majority. But…Read More

Sep 16, 2019 / Climate Change

This election, don't buy what Big Oil is selling

As the federal election kicks off, the oil industry is sparing no expense to convince Canadians that what’s good for oil companies is good…Read More

Nov 16, 2018 / Plastic Pollution

Bans, targets and government action: What to look for in Canada’s plastics plan

Next Friday, November 23rd, is the 2018 meeting of the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME).  I know, I know, you’ve had…Read More

Jul 25, 2018 / Climate Change / Safeguarding Freshwater

Algae, caused by climate change, is causing climate change

What does algae have to do with climate change? And nuclear power, you ask? Good questions!   Here’s the scoop: Algae has become the…Read More

Oct 27, 2017 / Clean Economy / Climate Change

Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan says all the right things, but leaves many details unresolved

On Thursday October 26, 2017, Ontario released its Long-Term Energy Plan (LTEP), which is supposed to set out the province’s vision for how we’ll meet…Read More

Aug 30, 2017 / Clean Economy / Climate Change

The launch of GreenON puts Ontario’s climate plan into action

The wait is finally over. With the launch of the Green Ontario Fund (GreenON) this morning, Ontarians can now access programs that will help…Read More