In addition to the chance to win a cool new t-shirt, there are more reasons to take part. By participating in this virtual event, you’re helping to demonstrate that Lake Erie is immeasurably special and deserving of better protection. Despite the fact that Lake Erie is so important to our lives and wellbeing, it is under serious threats.

Every year, Lake Erie is victim to harmful and toxic algal blooms. Unfortunately, this summer is predicted to be no different. The  U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) has forecasted a moderate bloom on the lake this year. This shows us that we have no time to waste when it comes to saving Lake Erie. As the impacts of harmful and toxic algae blooms rage on, it’s more important than ever to make our voices heard. We must demonstrate our support for government action to address these blooms at the source. 

What will happen to Lake Erie if we don’t take action? 

Excess nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen are washing off the land, mainly agricultural lands, and ending up in rivers and creeks that drain into Lake Erie. All those extra nutrients are fueling blooms. These blooms can become more severe with extreme rainfall and particularly hot summers. If the government plans to save the lake aren’t implemented quickly, the blooms could continue to cause damage to the ecosystems, communities, and industries that rely on the lake’s good health.

In February 2018, the federal and provincial governments released a joint action plan to address the problem. Unfortunately, since that time, the plan has seen little progress. We need to speed up the implementation of the action plan and invest in the solutions that will help keep excess nutrients out of the water. If we fail to act now, the long-term consequences of annual harmful algae blooms will continue to take a severe toll on the Lake Erie region. 

Join us in being a voice for Lake Erie 

That’s why on Wednesday, August 26 we need your help to share stories about why the lake is so special and important. On Twitter, Facebook or Instagram make a post about your connections to the lake. Maybe it’s a place you go to enjoy kayaking or surfing. Perhaps you have a childhood memory of fishing or visiting the beach on Lake Erie. Maybe you’ve even made new memories with your own children. 

If you need some inspiration, you can visit last year’s blog where Environmental Defence staff shared some of their stories. Whatever the connection may be, we want to hear about it! Use #WeAreLakeErie on August 26 to join in the virtual wave of support for this precious lake.