The Auditor General’s Annual Report, released today, confirms that Ontario’s climate change plan falls apart under serious scrutiny. There is no credible evidence to support, and little reason to believe, that the plan will reduce greenhouse gas emissions enough to meet Ontario’s 2030 target, which was significantly weakened last year. A failing climate change plan is terrible news for Ontarians and also jeopardizes Canada’s ability to meets its climate targets.

The current Ontario government isn’t just dragging their heels when it comes to fighting climate change. They are blocking real action. They fight solutions like carbon pricing in court, quote climate-denying websites, rely on technology that hasn’t been invented yet to reduce emissions, and propose weak plans that let big polluters off the hook. Meanwhile, the impacts of climate change are affecting a growing number of Ontarians.

One of the key takeaways from today’s report is that Ontario’s weak pricing plan for big polluters will result in a feeble one mega tonne of emissions reductions by 2030, about five per cent of their target. If the federal government is considering approving this system to replace their own stronger system, which is already in place, they should reconsider. The Auditor General has clearly given Ontario’s plan a failing grade, and the federal government should too.

Ontario needs to overhaul its weak climate change plan with effective solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions based on sound evidence.

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