As U.S. President Obama vows to veto a senate attempt to approve Keystone XL, that pipeline is almost certainly looking towards its own demise. Now all eyes are turning east to the Energy East tar sands pipeline proposal.

TransCanada has been actively pushing this risky pipeline to Canadians, but there are signs that the provinces, in particular Quebec and Ontario, might look to hit the brakes.

In Quebec, a recent poll shows that 49 per cent of residents oppose the risky pipeline proposal. And this month, Ontario is currently running its own well-attended consultations on Energy East through the Ontario Energy Board which are wrapping up at the end of January.

Ontario is trying to position itself as a climate leader, having just this week announced it will be rolling out a serious plan to put a price on carbon in the province shortly. However, the Premier is jeopardizing this leadership  by recently suggesting that Ontario wouldn’t consider the huge ‘upstream’ climate pollution created by building Energy East.

As these consultations go into the final month, it’s a critical time to let Ontario know its residents do not want this all-risk, no reward pipeline, which will have a significant carbon impact, equivalent to putting seven million new cars on Canada’s roads. The time to speak out is now!

Here are three ways you can make your voice heard to the Ontario government:


  • Sign our petition urging Ontario to reject Energy East  – We’re aiming to get 5,000 signatures on this petition by the end of the month, and we are close but not there yet. We need your help!







It’s not too late to ensure Ontario knows its residents are concerned about Energy East. Join the thousands of Ontarians who have already demanded Ontario reject Energy East.

Across Canada, a movement is growing of Canadians saying no to risky fossil fuel projects and yes to the clean economy to power our homes and businesses. Take action today and join the movement!